Beta Walky Talky Radio wireless two-way radio – the right communication tool for the people who want to be connected with their other team members that are within a short range of each other. Beta Walky Talky Radio is compact walky-talky type radio that allows you to take quick decisions, get instant results and meet tight deadlines.

    Key Advantages:

    ➢ Ideal for short-range, on-location use such as in factory premises, construction, restaurants, schools and for professionals such as Indoor/outdoor

    ➢ ad-film makers, short-film makers, event managers, etc.

    ➢ Instant one-to-one or one-to-many communication

    ➢ Efficient and reliable communication tool

    ➢ Available with preprogrammed frequency (350mhz 10 channel pre programmed frequency easy to use)

    ➢ A wide range of accessories to provide greater operational efficiency

    ➢ Easy walky-talky type operation

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