• Beta Talky LF

    Brand : Beta

    Product Code : Beta Talky LF

    Maximum Channel : 16

    Features :

    7 hours (High Power), 10 Hours (Low Power) – With Slim Lilon battery.

    142gms with Slim Lilon battery.

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  • Air Band Model:


    ➢35W output in 70cm band

    ➢DDS (Direct digital synthesizer) circuit

    ➢SSB transmit bandwidth adjustable

    ➢2-mode band scope

    ➢High stability crystal unit

    ➢User-friendly key allocation

  • Air Band Model:


    ➢Front mounted loud speaker

    ➢Microphone compressor

    ➢Superior basic performance

    ➢Optional DSP capability

    ➢Interference rejection— IF shift

    ➢Selectable antenna tuner

  • Air Band Model:

    IC-FR5000/IC-FR 6000

    ➢19-inch rack mount, 2U height low profile design

    ➢32 channel capacity and 5 programmable buttons

    ➢Multiple CTCSS, DTCS tone and RAN code decode

    ➢Two RF modules in one unit

    ➢Voice scrambler

    ➢Built-in audio compander

  • Air Band Model:


    ➢Easy to use while flying:

    Simple one-handed operation is the most essential feature of the IC-A24/A6. The well labeled, large keypad provides user friendly operation. The large display shows both letters and numbers and is easy to see, making for fast frequency recognition. The display is backlit, and so is the keypad. The light stays on until you turn it off – a very handy feature for flying at night. .

    ➢“Flip-flop” channel recall:

    channels used. You can easily recall those channels by pushing the “flip-flop” Flip Flop buttons recall buttons on the front panel. It is convenient for switching between several channels, such as NAV and COM channels. .

    ➢External DC power jack:

    An external DC power jack allows for battery charging when using the AC wall charger, BC-110. The cigarette lighter cable, CP-20, provides for battery charging and operation from an external DC source. When the battery pack is installed, simultaneous charging during operation is also possible. In addition, an optional battery case, BP-208N, is available.

    ➢Water resistant construction:

    The water resistant construction provides reliable operation in wet conditions. * Equivalent to IPX4 of the corresponding international standard IEC 60529 (2001).

  • Air Band Model:


    ➢Full keypad type or Simple keypad type

    ➢Compact, light weight and rugged body

    ➢BC-179 holder type battery charger

    ➢200 channels with memory banks

    ➢Mode : AM (6K00A3E)

  • Air Band Model:

    IC-A 220

    com’s high-quality VHF communications transceiver, the IC-A200 gives you a vital capability and offers the best.


    The IC-A220 is:


    ➢Simple to operate.

    ➢Durable and compact.

    It has —

    ➢ Full frequency coverage.

    ➢ 9 memory channels.

    ➢ Remote control capability.

  • Air Band Model:

    IC-2300 H

    com’s high-quality VHF communications transceiver, the IC-2300H gives you a vital capability and offers the best.

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  • Alinco DJ VX-46

    Alinco DJ VX-46

    No license required! Here’s a great radio fon work and play, the Alinco DJ-VX46, this exciting transceiver is small enough to fit in a pocket, attractive, rugged, easy to use and includes many popular “extras” that make operating more enjoyable. Working, Adventures, Sports or l-lobby, no matter lrow yor; plan to use it, the DJ-VX46 is ready for action, todayl

    Alinco DJ VX-46


    Beta Walky Talky Radio wireless two-way radio – the right communication tool for the people who want to be connected with their other team members that are within a short range of each other. Beta Walky Talky Radio is compact walky-talky type radio that allows you to take quick decisions, get instant results and meet tight deadlines.

    Key Advantages:

    ➢ Ideal for short-range, on-location use such as in factory premises, construction, restaurants, schools and for professionals such as Indoor/outdoor

    ➢ ad-film makers, short-film makers, event managers, etc.

    ➢ Instant one-to-one or one-to-many communication

    ➢ Efficient and reliable communication tool

    ➢ Available with preprogrammed frequency (350mhz 10 channel pre programmed frequency easy to use)

    ➢ A wide range of accessories to provide greater operational efficiency

    ➢ Easy walky-talky type operation

  • IC F8101

    ALE (Automatic Link Establishment)
    The built-in ALE system automatically selects the best channel and establishes a communication link. ALE
    provides interoperability with other 2G ALE radios using MIL-STD-188-141B and FED-STD-1045A ALE
    standards. ALE individual call, net call, sounding, AMD (Automatic Message Display) and LQA (Link Quality Analysis) polling are available.

  • Kenwood Base:

    KENWOOD TK-7100


    ➢Alphanumeric LCD display

    ➢DTMF / MSK / PTT ID

    ➢Tough, compact construction

    ➢Versatile DTMF modes.

    ➢Operator selectable tone

    General Specification:

    ➢Frequency range : 146 – 174 MHz

    ➢Memory channels : 64 channels / 8 groups

    ➢Channel spacing: 12.5 / 25 kHz

    ➢Output power : 25W – High / 5W – Low.

    ➢Operating temperature range : -30°C to +60°C.

    ➢Dimensions – without projections (W x H x D) : 160 mm x 43 mm x 137 mm.

    ➢PLL channel stepping: 2. 5 / 5 / 6 .25 / 7.5 kHz.

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